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Q: Are your shinguards for both soccer and futsal?

A: Yes, our custom Fusion Pro shinguards can be used in both soccer and futsal , you can choose between two sizes.

Q: What does it mean that your shin guards are CE marked?

A: The CE mark guarantees that our shinguards comply with the regulations in force within the European Community , that they have been designed, constructed and intended to be used in full compliance with current regulations.

Q: Can I put any image or phrase in my shinguards?

A: In general you can put the pictures and the phrase that you like or motivate. However, we can not accept images or phrases with racist / religious / sexual discrimination.

Q: How do I fix your shin guards?

A: If you want to buy them, we provide you with the relative pair of elastic socks so you do not feel the annoyance of the common velcro laces. If you use the common tape, you can easily continue to do so.

Q: Are your shinguards washable?

A: Of course! What we recommend is to use simple water and not soaps or other chemical agents.

Q: Is your virtual POS payment system secure?

A: Il POS virtuale è un metodo sicuro di pagamento sulle vendite a distanza aperto a tutti i circuiti come VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners. Il nostro sistema è dotato di tutti i protocolli di sicurezza esistenti (3D Secure – Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode e CV2) e offre una tutela gratuita in caso di disconoscimento delle transazioni fraudolente.

Q: Are your captain bands for children and adults?

A: We have studied two different sizes, height 6 cm for children and 8 cm for adults.

Q: Are there any minimum orders for keychains?

A: Absolutely not, you can order only one piece.

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